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Functional Squad is a RESULTS DRIVEN training system. It uses a combination of Functional Training classes, Strength & Conditioning Training, regular Body Scanning and Diet/Nutritional advice with Meal Plans. 

Our awesome instructors will motivate, push and entertain you during our daily classes. Become part of our fun and goal focused fitness community

Functional Squad


These FUN-CTIONAL workouts will always keep you guessing. With a variety of equipment and activities to motivate you. Work to your own intensity meaning you can make it as easy or as hard as you like or be in any physical condition to participate. Run outside with the right weather and inside when its to cold/wet. Perfect for muscular endurance, toning and weight loss.


This FS accumulator workout is full of strength and cardio and makes the class fly by! Using 30 second buzzer intervals to switch exercises, adding on one new exercise each round.


This class will work you like a fighter with a mixture of shadow boxing, focus pad work, skipping and interval training. Sessions incorporate a mixture of strength, core and cardiovascular fitness.


FS Grind is a fun, exciting, way to workout, burn fat and get a great workout. High energy music and a motivating instructor will challenge you to achieve your best. Half the time is spent in the saddle, the other half your treated to a challenging lower body and core workout. When it gets a bit rough and tough just dial it down a notch or two.

fs hiit

This short intense workout provides improved athletic ability through muscular endurance and fat burning through excess post oxygen consumption. Basically you burn fat while excising then continue to burn fat for up to 24 hours after.

FS Cardio/core

At the centre of every great athletic performance lies a strong and engaged core and great cardiovascular conditioning. The Cardio & Core workout combines cardio moves that fire up your core, puts your body through its paces all the while challenging your fitness.

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